Our Services for Authors

Our Services for Authors
Seasons, by Kathryn Yarbro

Seasons, by Kathryn Yarbro

CreekSide Publishing is now able to offer our services for New Authors. Currently we are focusing our efforts in the Lincoln, Gaston, Cleveland and Catawba Counties of North Carolina. However, we hope to soon be branching out into other nearby areas. So, if you are outside those areas contact us anyway. Maybe we can work it out.

We want to help you get published. We know how difficult it can be to get that book into print. Often we don’t know what to do or how to do it. We make it simple and trouble free, or at least as trouble free as possible.

For most of our Authors, we set up a CreateSpace and Kindle account.

The Revolutionary War in Lincoln and Gaston County

I'd Do It All Over Again, by George Creed

I’d Do It All Over Again, by George Creed

We have found that this way is often the least expensive way for beginning authors to get their feet wet.

Here’s what we do after consultation with you:

  • We format your book for the CreateSpace platform.
  • Design the cover (if you choose)
  • Walk you through all the steps to get your first “proof” copies. And once you have approved the proofs,
  • We format your book for the Kindle
  • Your books will then be for sale on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Kindle all over the world.

Unlike some other publishers, who charge $!00s or $1000s to send you your files, we then give you all he files that we used. You can take those files to virtually any publisher if you ever findĀ  the need to do so.

Reflections from the Creek

Reflections from the Creek

You’ll be able to order the number of books that you want, whether it is 1 book or 1000 books at a low wholesale price directly from CreateSpace. There is none of this 15% off the list price. You’ll get your own books at 50% to 75% of the retail price. And, best of all, you determine the retail price of your books.

We can even host your website if you want us to.

To get started,just read our FAQ page, then email creekside@charter.net or call 704.807.0036.

NC Slave Narratives Vol. I

NC Slave Narratives Vol. I

It’s that simple.

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